Just Anotherer Reader

Have you ever found something amazing and just had to share it with the world?

I have been thinking about starting some sort of blog for awhile now, mostly because I lead an interesting life (and am motivated by this article). Lately though, after reading many books that I ordinarily wouldn’t, it feels like there are things floating around in my head that need to come out.

I’ve found that I LOVE indie books. This includes books published by indie publishers, self-published books, whatever. There’s something to be said for a gem that hasn’t yet become appreciated by the masses, that hasn’t received attention from many people at all. I love to read a great book and then be the first to share it with my friends and online. You certainly can’t get that from a bestseller.

After joining Twitter, it quickly became apparent how important reviews are in the indie publishing community. Authors want nothing more than for everyday readers, people like me, to read their stories and maybe share what they thought of it. I intend to do exactly what with this blog. I’ll share great books that I find via Twitter, NetGalley, and by simply browsing Amazon.

Here’s to a new adventure!



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