My Extensive Backlog: Books that Looked Great, but Then…

I’ve always had a huge backlog of books I want to read, but since moving to a new city (and discovering a great bookshop), things have spiraled out of control. Currently, there are 80 books on my shelf that need to be cracked open. That does not include the hundreds of books on my Goodreads lists. Though I no longer allow myself to buy physical copies, I’m continually adding books to my Goodreads list that I’ve found online and seen on the shelves of my favorite bookstore. But it’s those 80 physical books that have to be moved from apartment to apartment, physically weighing me down.

For a long time, having a huge pile of books on my shelf was comforting. I could pick through them, choose one I like, and start reading at any time. However, lately I have found them to be a hindrance and source of guilt. Why haven’t I gotten around to them? Each one of them sounded great. Now though, hardly any of them sound like something I’d like to pick up for the afternoon. My tastes seem to have changed, just within the last year.

Now, I’m stuck with this huge pile of books that I’m no longer really interested in. I wish I could cull the herd, but don’t seem to be having any luck. I’ll find a new release online by an author I like, and feel sad that I can’t buy/read it because of this backlog. Any suggestions?


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